Travel Plans
I currently have clients in many states, but my main stomping grounds are  
Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virgina and Texas  

I am not opposed to traveling to new areas so feel free to ask if you have a
group interested.
If I don't travel to your area, I will refer you to a fellow
Balance Dentist who will.

I am Krystin Dennis, a Balance Equine Dentist and Reiki Master.
I was taught and believe that no individual field  
(dentistry, bodywork, hoof balancing, holistic or veterinary medicine)
is the only cure or answer to the ultimate well being of your horse.

All of my dentistry is done the "good old fashioned way"
Hand Instruments Only. My instruments are designed to provide the most
efficient, noninvasive dental treatment for your horse,
allowing for a pleasant, bloodless dental experience.

Please feel free to search through my site for an overview of my practices along
with a little about myself and my clients.
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