Client Comments

Below are some comments clients have sent via email.

"I believe that the horses can tell you when a person is a master in their field, and it is clear to me
that my horses think Krystin is a master in her field. The first time she performed dentistry work
on my horses, I noted that she had a calming effect on all of them. She was very patient, but
efficient, and the horses were immediately fond of her. They seemed more comfortable in their
mouths after the work was done. One of my horses liked to root in the bridle and had some oral
difficulties in the past due to a surgery performed on a cracked molar. After being worked on by
Krystin, he was much more accepting of the bit and did not root as often.

Krystin is also very knowledgeable as a nutritionist. One of my horses is a very difficult keeper
and has struggled with ulcers. With Krystin's guidance, we were able to come up with a feed
program such that he now eats less than my easy keepers and has no problem sustaining a
healthy weight. After being in her care for a few months, he looked the best he ever had in his life,
and I noticed he was much calmer and more balanced."
Julie from Maryland

"I wanted to say that I was a bit skeptical of meeting you at first, because the young morgan had
just been done by an equine dentist that is proclaimed to be the 'best',
but I really saw results with your work, my horses are happier for it."

"Beau (Bow) is doing great. She has had a crack on her front right foot that I  have been fighting to
get rid of, but now it seems like is finally growing out. It's a club foot, so we'll see in a couple of
weeks. Her gait has completely changed and she is so much more comfortable to ride now. Her
back has filled in and seems more muscular as well."

"Having Bunny’s mouth done could be the single most important health decision I have made for
her!  She is doing so much better.  She is carrying her hind end higher and will stretch her front
legs out in front of her now.  I was watching her in the pasture this week and she actually put both
front legs together and then leaned all her weight to the back for a nice big stretch.  She is so
much happier. While she still occasionally trips over her front feet, it isn’t as often as it used to be
and I think that this will continue to improve.
We both thank you very much!"

"Hi Folks,
I just wanted to recommend a wonderful horse dentist. Her name is Krystin Dennis. She has
studied under Spencer La Flure, Pat & Linda Parelli's horse dentist. Krystin only uses hand tools
(no dreml) and really has a natural way with the horses. We just had all four of our horses dental
work done. The horses love her and she really relaxed them. This is a unique method in horse
dentistry in that the front incisors are balanced first and then the rear molars. The results are
amazing. Horses are able to move more freely in their body and an their top line becomes more
Sincerely,  Annette Pillon

"Thought you might like an update on Gene.  He was the Appy/TB cross (spots for days) that
you worked on.  He had a myriad of issues, including waves, and large temporal muscles.
I just wanted to let you know that he now has improved flexibility in his neck, is chewing
side-to-side like a champ - you can notice the big difference by watching him
as he never chewed like this before, and his temporal muscles are shrinking.  He's also put
on a little weight, in fact he gained it in the two weeks after you saw him
and we were glad to see it with the oncoming winter.
So, in short, thank you!"

Rascal and I thank you for your visit!!! I was really impressed with your patience and kindness, no
sedation needed!!! Thanks again!!    Vanessa

Story's Story, one day after his treatment
"The trimmer came and did his feet this am and I took him for a short walk afterwards. He was as
good as he's been of late....he was much more relaxed the whole ride! I also noticed while he
was having his feet done that his mouth and lips looked softer than usual. And guess what? I
saw no Billy Idol sneer (with or without a bit) at all this am!!!"
One month later
Story is doing well. He plumped up in about 2 weeks after you were there. So much so I cut his
beet pulp, rice bran and corn oil waaaaaaaaaaay back!  The vet came to see him and  she
commented that he had put on a good amount of  weight and wanted to know what I had done
So thank you for helping me have my boy feel better. I promised him a good life and I think he's
getting one.  Thank you again! We'll look forward to seeing you again next fall."

"Sunny's forehead lumps have disappeared"

"Sally has been pretty off in the hind end since February and it's been a reoccurring problem.  
Today I went out, after being out of town for a week, and she is almost sound.
Seems she's been galloping around the pasture on her own too."

"Brian and I went riding last night and he said Major was like a different horse. He didn't spook at
things he usually does and he racked beautifully and didn't offer to trot at all. Brian said he moved
freer in the front and just looked better too. I'm not sure exactly what you did, but it worked. Major
and Brian both say thanks!"
This is  a first, But I hope to get more in the future:

"She liked you very much and didn’t mind the procedure.  She was very apprehensive at first
because of her pain and fear of the unknown.  She was glad to get the meds the vet gave her
and that helped her stay calm.  She would like for you to always try working on her without
meds first.  She feels that she will be able to do it next time without anything because she
knows what to expect.  She wanted me to thank you for making sure I understood more about
equine mouths and being really good at what you do."
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