Stained Glass
In my spare time on hot summer days or rainy cold days I like to do stained glass. It is a place I can let my creative
energy flow. I do take on a few custom orders a year, but I ask my clients to give me a lot of time to complete the
project. As I am sure you know I am very busy with my dentistry and Horses and they both come first.

If you are interested in finding out about a custom piece send me an email with a picture or a detailed description
of what you are thinking about having made. Including the size, colors you like, price you are thinking of spending
and when you would like it to be completed. I will then let you know if I can take on your project and send you a
prof of the pattern.
A custom piece I made for a
friend as a baby shower gift
A custom piece I made for
a motorcycle show
A custom Portriat I made my for myself
when my horse, Castle passed away.
Another custom piece
A Dream Catcher
this was not a custom piece