What is Reiki?

Everything is made of atoms, and atoms are made of charged particles called
neutrons, protons and electrons.
So it makes sense that all things, whether alive or dead, are made of energy,
therefore they have energy fields around them and energy running through them.

The Reiki practitioner channels energy through the chakras and meridians in the
body to balances the mind, body and spirit of the recipient.

Reiki effectiveness depends on how dedicated the practitioner is,
and how open the client is to receiving it.

With practice and training the Reiki practitioner knows when the person has had
enough and where to move next.  Reiki helps everyone and everything.

A thorough Reiki session will last anywhere between 60 to 90 min on a human, only
45 to 60 min on horses and significantly shorter on Children and small animals.

This decrease in session lengths is due to the fact the children and animals
absorb the energy much more quickly then adults

Each person or animal experiences Reiki differently, depending on their
individual needs at the time.

Some people feel the energetic ebb or flow of the healing energy during a Reiki
treatment. Reiki is often experienced as heat, vibrations, pulsing, temporary aches,
or a heightened sense of peace and relaxation, by the client. Some people are
affected more emotionally than physically. This is because Reiki always finds
the issues that need the most healing. These are not necessarily the issues we think
need healing, and often physical problems can have emotional root causes.

For both people and animals, the results of Reiki treatments may be felt during the
treatment, directly after, or over the following several days. It may become clear to
the client that a significant issue has shifted or an old pattern released or an
unexpected physical improvement has occurred. Regular treatments can
facilitate continued healing on all levels: Mind, Body and Spirit.
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At first horses are a bit antsy when they feel energy begin to flow, but soon they
treatment, often yawning, sighing deeply, and sometimes even falling asleep.
the practitioner’s hands to experience the treatment on their own terms.                
Most animals love the feeling of a Reiki treatment, and recognize and welcome the
practitioner on subsequent treatment visits.

Reiki relaxes horses and that improves performance. Physically the body relaxes and
becomes more round, forward moving and balanced. The body is not as tight, so
there is less physical strain and pain.

As for behavioral problems, if pain is reduced the horse is less cranky, less
aggressive and more willing to please. When both the horse and rider receive Reiki,
they communicate better and perform better as a team
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How do horses react to Reiki?