Why Choose Balance Dentistry
Incisors First
Maintaining Guidance
Speculum 4 safety
My mission:
To provide the best equine dentistry you can find, for the benefit of your horse's overall wellbeing.
I will continue to improve my knowledge and understanding of the equine mouth to ensure
I always do what is best for your horse and will educate who ever will listen.
My Commitments:
  • I use only hand instruments of the highest caliber
  • I work on your horse's incisors first - thereby setting in place a Natural Balance foundation
  • I fully understand the guidance system in the horses mouth
  • The horses Tempo-mandibular Joints in combination with the Incisors, are a key part to
    the balance through out your horses body.
What your horse should expect and why:
My evaluation starts as soon as I see the horse being lead in. I watch them walking,   
I look for a favorite posture, I look for any horse sign language they may be giving
me. Yes, I know it may sound crazy to some people but over the years I have figured
out a few signs the horse will give me telling me exactly what they have going on.

Then I take a few minutes to start filling out my chart. I like to do this in the same area
I will be working on your horse. This just gives them some time to check me out,  
along with my instruments and get used to my energy. This may seam like down time  
but it will make the visit run so much smoother. This is also when the horse and I  
decides if  the horse need a little sedation to help them feel more relaxed.

*Any sedation will be done by you,  your vet or prescribed by your vet for me to give
(this depends on the state) so if you usually sedate your horse for dental
appointments we will have to schedule accordingly!  
All sedation will be as light as possible, I will not work on a wobbly horse

All my work is done with specially designed Hand Instruments and No Restraints.
I like to keep the horses head low, this naturally keeps them in a more relaxed state.

First, I start on your horses front teeth or incisors. This is the single most important
piece of my job that is very often overlooked by other equine dentists.
Your horses incisor length and angle are directly related to any discomfort your
horse may have in their Tempo-mandibular joints or TMJ's.  The incisors are also the
key to Anterior/Posterior movement of the Jaw.  The A/P movement is responsible for
your horse's ability to properly graze and correctly round. This in turn allows them to
develop their top lines and use their body more freely and efficiently

Second, I start working on the molars. This is another area I have a totally different
approach. I do not round any of your horses teeth. I work hard to maintain the proper
angles in your horses mouth or slowly replace them if they have been taken out.
They act as a guidance system so the horse has the proper motion of the
jaw for chewing. Along with the ability to relax throughout the body.   

Finally the treatment is completed with a few stretches of  the jaw and a treat so, they
can experience the new freedom of movement.

A  horse with a properly balanced mouth will give you more than you could ever ask
for. The Balance in your horses mouth can effect your horse in many ways.
Emotionally as well as psychologically

If you use a Balance Dentist, you are guaranteed improvements with your horse
even if you have tried other dentists and not had results in the past.
* We are not miracle workers, but we are the best at what we do