My Hobbies:
Horses, of course           
Riding My Motorcycle
Stained Glass                     
A little of My Background:

I am Krystin Dennis, an Equine Dentist, Reiki Master, certified dental assistant for 13
yrs and was born and raised around horses. At the age of 9 I left the back yard
pony scene and started taking lessons. I moved my two horses to field board on a
farm in Davidsonville where I slowly became responsible for taking care of 42
horses. On top of running the barn I taught lessons, trained horses and would show
my horses and others. It was the best time.

With all the long hours at the farm and time spent  holding for the vet, I became
interested in Equine Dentistry. So at the age of 16, I started looking for ways to get
involved in the field. However, I keep running into dead ends.  Maybe people found
it hard to take a young girl serious when she said she wanted to work on horses
teeth. So instead,  I signed up for Dental assisting in high school and just knew it
would help somehow.

Throughout high school I began searching the Internet and one day I came across
two equine dental schools.  After looking through the sites I began to have
reservations. Now being involved with human dentistry, I knew the things being done
at these schools would send one of my human patients through the roof.
Unfortunately one day I was able to watching an instructor of one of the schools
working on a friend's horse and my beliefs were confirmed. I was sitting at another
dead end, but I was still able  to believe that some day, I would find a school based
on the same principles and standard of care I believed in. So I let that dream go for
a few more years.

Six years later I found myself standing right in the middle of that path once again.
Only this time it was my horse, Castle, who put me there. He sent me searching for a
Vet and a Dentist that would: come out for one horse, not sedate him unless needed
and not use power tools.  I never realized what a hard search I was in for. Castle
was an older horse, in great shape and health until he was slammed with a severe
cold and then one month later still not 100% from his cold, had a tooth abscess.
This ended up being too much for his old body to handle and he passed away. It left
me angry, sad and motivated. I had just lost my best friend over lack of quality care
and was now motivated more then ever. I feel Castle gave his life for me to learn a
lesson; a lesson in faith, courage, love and perseverance.

I was now fueled by Castle's memory to find a Dental school that respected and
appreciated the horse. Maybe some day I could prevent this from happening to
someone else's best friend. After searching the Internet the day after his passing I
came across the answer to my prayers. The School of Advanced Whole Horse
Dynamics. I called that day and was in the next class just two months later. I
continued to go to class three times a year for a total of seven trips and Certified.

I am now proud to say I am part of an elite group of pioneers who put the horse first.
Our level of understanding in the equine mouth and how it affects the horses body
is to the next planet. We are truly a family and we will never stop raising the bar
because we all love what we do and want nothing more than  to help the horse.  


May 2011
As of Now I am no longer associating with Advanced Whole Horse Dentistry. I started
with them in 2006 and keep current with my certification till May 2011. It was at that
time I decided I had the building blocks needed from this program and would not be
attending. I decided to pursue a more advanced continuing education program and
am  I am working along side the top dentist and vets in the county.

Dec 2011
My Husband Paul and I purchased the farm of our dreams, Castle's Retreat.  
We will be working hard over the next five years to develop it into a center to help all
who visits.

Also I have been organizing Continuing ed classes for Equine Dentist and Vets with
two colleagues.
Happy to announce I have received my Texas Equine Dental providers licence 2012
Virgina Equine Dental Technician license in 2013

Also I am taking the continuing Ed to the next level, I will be organizing an
association  in hopes to offer more recognized CE classes for all Practitioners.
About Me
Accomplishments / Awards:
*Certified Equine Dental Technician by Virginia    2013

*Certified Equine Dental Provider by Texas   2012

Certified Natural Balance Dentist 2006 - 2011

Reiki Master 2006
Completed an Equine Anatomy Class  2007

Certified Dental Assistant   1995-2008  
Body work Class with Dino Fretterd  2008

Owner of
Castle's Retreat Dec 2011
A developing Wellness-Education & Retirement facility for horses and Humans

Owner of Thoroughbred Dynamics 2012
A developing company that currently sells CoolStance feed and other favorite products.

Founder of United Equine Professionals Assoc.
A group dedicated to raising the bar in Continuing Education classes. We strive to have
classes accredited that have a holistic approach.
Stained Glass
Below are a few Pictures I could find of myself  
growing up with horses. As I collect more I will add